Governors Mansion State Park

Governors Mansion State Park
Photo by: Daderot, Creative Commons

Formerly known as the “Historic Governor’s Mansion of California,” the Governors Mansion State Historic Park is currently on the list of the National Register on Historic Places in America. The park served as the official residence of the governor of California during the early years. George Pardee and Ronald Reagan were among the leaders who lived in the mansion. Situated along the city’s 1526 Street, the mansion today serves as venue for public ceremonies and community-led events.

The Governors Mansion was completed in 1877 by Albert Gallatin. The mansion has a 30-room “Italiante Victorian” mansion by a group of merchants led by Gallatin. In 1903, the California State purchased the mansion and used it as the official residence of the governor. The mansion also has a variety of furnishings from former Californian governors. The furnishings that are currently displayed in the mansion include Governor Hiram Johnson’s velvet sofas as well as chairs, Earl Warren’s collection of rugs made from Persia and Pardee’s Steinway 1902 Piano. The mansion underwent a series of renovations during the past decades. The mansion’s fading corners were recently repaired and several old windows were replaced with modernized designs.

The Mansion was recently included in the list of “48 Top California State Parks” under the “Deficit Reduction Program” of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in January 2008. The mansion is open daily to local residents and tourists. In 1982, Governor Jerry Brown refused to hold residence in the mansion. The state of California decided to sell the mansion to several private authorities during the same year.

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