Grand Junction

Grand Junction Skyline
Photo by: Eleaf , Creative Commons

The city of Grand Junction is the largest city located in the western part of Colorado. Being the most populous city of the Mesa County, the Grand Junction City is home to many of the most notable American writers today. Some of the famous writers living in Grand Junction include Academy Award-winning scriptwriter and novelist Dalton Tumbo and Walter Walker.

Based on the 2007 report conducted by Grand Junction City and Mesa Country Estimates, the population of the city increased to 53,662. The estimated number of population made Grand Junction the 15th most populous city in the Colorado Western Slope. The Grand Junction Metropolitan Statistics estimated that the population in the city increased to more than 140,000 in 2009.

Situated along the famous Colorado River, the Grand Junction City was originated from the word “Grand”. The word refers to the historical upper areas of the Colorado River after its re-establishment in 1921. The city was also originated from the word “Junction” which pertains to the merging of the Gunnison and Colorado Rivers. The city was given the nickname “River City” from residents and tourists because of its location. Today, there are several major tourist spots in the Grand Junction City including the following:

• The “Green Valley” area is the city’s largest arcing valley with an average mid-point of 30 miles or 40 kilometers. The Green Valley serves as the Mesa County’s major fruit-growing region since the settlement of the early inhabitants during the 18th century.
• The Colorado National Monument is currently managed by the city’s Bureau of Land Management. The monument is surrounded by the city’s public-owned heritage lands and is said to overlook the entire Colorado Western Slope area.
• The “Country Jam Ranch” is located along the city’s northern area and is home to various music festivals.

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