Grand Tetons

Grand tetons 400
Grand Tetons
Photo by: Will Hale, Creative Commons

Snow capped mountain with rocky trails never ceases to challenge even the most seasoned climber. But if you like to take the challenge, then head on to Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park where the magnificent mountain range awaits you, including the mountain with the highest peak – the Grand Teton.

American mountaineering has found a classic destination in one of the most recognizable mountain range the world over. In fact, some climbers have conquered its peak more than once, using different routes. This only goes to show that Grand Teton elicits respect and awe from climbers every time they set foot in its snow covered slopes. Its peak measures at 13,775 feet. This is one of the reasons why international events and competitions as well as special winter activities are usually held here.

This national park in northwest Wyoming is a destination at par with the best destinations in the rest of the world. Aside from its majestic mountains, visitors can revel in its pristine lakes and flourishing wildlife. The jagged mountain range that towers over the valley replete with glacial lakes makes for breathtaking scenery that never fails to attract close to four million visitors each year.

Park updates can be obtained from the Public Affairs Office. Here visitors can get essential information regarding the park as well as safety alerts and special events. Those who wish to stay there for days would find a number of lodges and resorts to choose from.

While there is dispute over how the mountain got its name. Common belief has it that the name means “large teat” in French, coined probably by the French Canadian members of the first expeditions. Some disagree, saying that the mountain was named after the Native American tribe Teton Sioux. Whichever statement is true, one this is for sure: Grand Teton will continue to draw enthusiasts all over the world.

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