Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road 400
Great Ocean Road
Photo by: eulinky , Creative Commons

Breezy air, splashing waves plus dramatic sky equals impressive roadside scenery on the 243 kilometers stretch of road along Victoria’s cities. One of Australia’s best coastline roads, the Great Ocean Road was built in the memory of the soldiers who died during World War I. Born out of mass labor of up to 3000 returning soldiers; the road was completed on 1932.

People often visit the road for a relaxing drive while tourist are invited to experience and explore the coastal vista. Short and long walks are designed for tourists who want to gaze and discover the natural marvels of the coasts. Such walks vary and cover the view of pristine beaches in Lorne overlooking the Louttit Bay, the Lookout Walk on Aire River for some kangaroo and wallaby sightseeing, and a historical treat over the Wreck Beach, with a view of ancient ships’ anchors ruined by the angry sea.

Walkers who want to immerse themselves along the countryside scenery can spend a night at the hiker’s camp. Camping areas are designed with amenities like toilets and shelters for easy living.

The Great Ocean Road covers a lot of towns with nearby beaches as a common destination. Some of the great beaches include the Apollo Bay which is a swimmer’s paradise, Blanket Bay in the Otway National Park, Castle Cove for its dinosaur fossils and Johanna Beach for its surfing waves.

Natural parks which contain rainforests walk trails and waterfalls also surround the area. These include the Otway National Park, Angahook-Lorne State Park, Melba Gully State Park and Port Campbell National Park which boasts the famous Twelve Apostles rock formation. Helicopter flights are also available in the visitor’s center near this majestic limestone.

To complete the experience on the Great Ocean Road, a road trip along the breezy seaside is definitely worth a try. Travelers are encouraged to drive slowly as the road has steep edges, curves, and cliffs. A day of relax driving is enough to get a view and stop at the major attractions. Recommended is a full two to three days driving plus lodging at night is the best way to enjoy and explore the towns, natural parks, and beaches along the way.

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