Greek Theater at UC Berkeley

Commencement Exercises at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley
Photo by: Monica’s Dad, Creative Commons

Experience concerts and plays like never before at the Berkeley Greek Theater. Located at the University of California, the place is quite similar to the ancient Amphitheater of Greece. It can seat up to 8,000 people, making it the perfect venue for graduation ceremonies, plays and other special events.

Several classical plays as well as musical presentations have already been shown at the Greek Theater. Concerts of various artists have also been held here to the delight and enjoyment not only of the University of California students but of people from nearby places as well.

Built over a hundred years ago, the Greek Theater continues to help in the entertainment industry as well as Berkeley’s tourism by drawing visitors from other states and countries. It continuously showcases the magnificent performances of actors and actresses and musicians who use the center stage of the Berkeley Greek Theater as an outlet of their overflowing talent.

When planning to watch a concert or a play at the university’s Greek Theater, check on the available schedules of the performances and secure your tickets early. If you are on a guided tour of Berkeley, ask your guide if you can include watching at the Greek Theater in your itinerary. It would be such a fun and educational way to relax after a whole day of walking around town.

For your convenience, you may purchase your concert or play tickets online. Simply search for the proper sellers and ask how you can settle your due and get your tickets so you need not wait in long lines at the Greek Theater just to get you pass. Be sure that the online seller you are buying from is authorized and legitimate in order to avoid losing your money to online thieves.

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