Gstaad Village

Gstaad on a Sunny day 400
Gstaad on a sunny day
Photo by: matinarsavsky, Creative Commons

Gstaad is a quaint village situated in Berne, southwest of Switzerland. The village has a population of about 2897 and is 1050 meters above sea level. This German speaking village in the Berne state, Gstaad is a major tourist spot with a reputation of exclusivity and expensive ski resorts. In the winter, it is the site for the Institut Le Rosey, Switzerlands oldest private boarding school.

Gstaad is one of the major tourist destination in Switzerland. It is famous for its nightlife, fine dining, shopping and luxurious hotels. It is one of the best places for skiing and it is also the biggest ski regions in the Alps.

In the 1960s the Time Magazine named Gstaad as “The Place” for its services. Every year Gstaad attracts a number of celebrities and executives all over the world. Among them the famous visitors are Elizabeth Taylor, Julie Andrews, Michael Jackson, Kofi Annan, Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Paris Hilton, Roman Polanski, Richard White, King Juan Carlos, Queen Sofia, Peter Sellers, David Niven and many more.

Gstaad is one of the best locations for adventure sports and a number of events are held here. These include a beach volley ball tournament, polo tournament, Allianz Suisse Open Gstaad(a tennis tournament), and Menuhin festival that is held during the summer. Also, Maserati and Ferrari auctions are held at the Gstaad Palace Hotel in the month of December that attracts the richest and the famous from around the world.

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