Guanaja Island

Aerial of Guanaja Island
Photo by: NASA, Creative Commons

Although people take vacations to have fun, it cannot be denied that most of them go on a tour to escape a hectic life and enjoy the seclusion and mystery of great tourist destinations. This is why Guanaja island of Honduras, is a hit among tourists who come to visit Central America. Located in the eastern most part of the Bay Islands, Guanaja boasts of spectacular and wide-open beaches filled with quirky and friendly English-speaking islanders. It is known as the island of pines as Guanaja is the only island where conifers dominate the vegetation. The Michael Rock Peak makes Guanaja island the tallest of the Bay Islands and it offers great scenic views of the Caribbean Sea as well as hiking opportunities.

The island boasts of secluded up-scale resorts accessible by boat. Such resorts provide privately lush and relaxing vacation opportunities. Adventurous people will especially enjoy Guanaja Island as it offers a lot of fun activities for its visitors such as diving, reef explorations, a site of pinnacles and volcanic caverns, and also island wrecks. When it comes to diving tourists are likely to be excited and confused as Guanaja has about 45 amazing diver spots. A new dive spot is in the Mestizo Reef. Believe it or not it is named as such because the 65-foot water includes statues of Christopher Columbus and an Indian chief, part and parcel of a shipwreck and many artifacts including Spanish cannons.

Other great activities you can do while in Guanaja Island include hiking, kayaking, snorkelling, visits to waterfalls, swimming, and discovering ancient Mayan artifacts.

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