Gulf Shores State Park

Heron Release on shores of Gulf Shores State Park
Photo by: USFWS/Southeast, Creative Commons

There are times when having a vacation with family or friends with only one thing to do like swimming or fishing is not enough to spend one’s time. But at Gulf Shores State Park there are activities to choose from which includes swimming and fishing. When spending a vacation here, one group could enjoy swimming while others are fishing and both are having a good time. But those are just two of the many activities that can be done in this park.

The Gulf Shores State Park is almost similar as Monte Sano but instead of that mountain fresh environment, the Gulf Shores State Park has the lakeside and white sandy beach environment. Also with a number of different activities to choose from like playing tennis, or golf, surfing, swimming or fishing along the beach coast of Alabama or at Lake Shelby which is also located within the Gulf Shores State Park. Both the lake and the beach are great for swimming and fishing.

A total of eleven cottages are available and are located near Lake Shelby and the Gulf Shores State Park Golf Course however, pets are not allowed. Like Monte Sano, Gulf Shores State Park also has available campsites for those who want to camp instead of staying in a cottage, there are hundreds of campsites available and one has the choice of what type of camping to do, whether a modern type or a primitive type. Picnic areas are also available for people to have a nice outdoor meal and enjoy the sight and the nice environment of the beach or when eating near the lake, the nice environment of the lake also gives a nice outdoor feeling.

The Gulf Shores State Park is perfect for families and friends that aim to have an activity-filled vacation. With a wide variety of activities to choose from, one is sure to have a good time when spending a vacation in this park.

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