The town of Gusau, which is the capital of Zamfara state, is located on the Sokoto River in the Northern part of Nigeria. It developed after the onset of the railways from Zaria, 169 kilometers (105 miles) south-east, in the year 1927. And now, it has become a major gathering center for peanuts or groundnuts and cotton that was produced in the nearby area.

Though cotton dyeing, weaving, and ginning have long been established as local doings, it was not until the later part of the 1960s that an up-to-date textile plant opened in Gusau town. A soybean-meal processing plant and a seed-oil mill were built as well. Other than cloth, peanuts, and cotton, Gusau is also an exporter of tobacco that is grown in the floodplains of the Sokoto River around the Ralata Mafara as well.

The town of Gusau is situated at 12.1642 (latitude in decimal degrees) and 6.66667 (longitude in decimal degrees) at an elevation or altitude of meters. The standard elevation of the town of Gusau is 420 meters.

The town of Gusau has a small population of 226, 857.

The time zone identification for Gusau is Africa or Lagos.

The top hotel in this city is the City King Hotel and Towers, which is very peaceful and serene.

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