Photo by: Wikimedia, Creative Commons

Are you planning for a travel getaway where all your worries vanish? Start packing your bags and head to Gyor, Hungary! Just what is in Gyor that draws people all year round – mystery, history and fun? The moment you see a replica of Ark of the Covenant, this 26 foot tall monument would make your neck hurt due to its massive height but did you know that it is one of the attractions that had attracted other tourists this Gyor?

While you are at Gyor it is best to also visit the Bishop’s Castle. It is a museum that houses all the artifacts dating the 14th century. Basically, everything in Gyor speaks so much of the past. There are hundreds of churches or even cathedrals that display the Baroque manner of architectural design. Even their art deco will fascinate you all the more. There is this Cathedral of the Virgin Mary that houses paintings and different art collections.

Grab a map to go there but once you are in the place, do ask permission if you could take snapshots of their collections. Keep in mind that in some museums, the taking of photos is prohibited. Not that the flash of lights would deteriorate the painting but the copyright concerns that might harm the ownership of such collections. It might be reproduced and sold at large amounts when the real one is being contained at Gyor.

Are you a little curious about how the currency of Gyor evolved? Well, there is a coin collection museum called the János Xánthus Museum. It is not all coins since inside this beautiful museum are different art collections from different artists. This is a good sign that you will be in touch with the Arts. So you would call your travel to Gyor as an expedition of Art and Culture.

The weather in Gyor is a challenging 0 degrees Celsius so make yourself hot goulash for you to get by. Their temperature ranges from 0 to around 11 degrees Celsius so it would be best if you brought winter clothes.

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