Hải Phòng

Bay in Hai Phong
Photo by: tomaszd, Creative Commons

Hai Phong is a city in the center of Red River. A lot of fascinating tourist destinations can be found in this town. It has a rich history in the past as the town was a major trading center back in the nineteenth century. Although it suffered damages from the previous war, the city has maintained the beauty of its wonderful landmarks. Here are some suggested destinations in Hai Phong city:

• Cat Ba National Park
This is a rich tropical forest that is perfect for hiking and trekking. At its edge, you can find a turquoise beach that is so rewarding to see from above.

• Hang Kenh Communal House
It is built around seventeenth century which houses antique items. Inside, you can find 308 pieces of dragons, a palanquin and a statue of Ngo Quyen.

• Elephant Mountain
The mountain looks like a giant elephant and lies beside the Lach Tray River. Inside it, there are little caves that are good to visit with a help of an expert tour guide.

• Cat Ba Island
This is the main tourist spot of Hai Phong City. Tourists oftentimes stay here as there are many resorts that can be found in the island. The air is as fresh as its beautiful scenery and you can enjoy swimming in the warm waters of its beach.

• Du Hang Pagoda
It is built around 17th century. The pagoda is a mixture of Vietnamese and Chinese architecture. Upon visiting, you can learn the ancient traditions of monks in the pagoda. Inside it, there are valuable relics displayed which existed since 18th century.
Aside from the aforementioned famous destinations in Hai Phong, there are many other places that is worthy of your visit. This includes Traditional Trade Village, Children’s Amusement Parks, Dien Bien Phu and many more. Make sure to visit these places in Hai Phong!

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