Hà Nội

Hanoi at street lights
Photo by: Greg Hayter, Creative Commons

Hanoi is considered as one of the oldest cities in Vietnam. It has been the center of political issues since 1100’s and established as a city for almost a thousand years. Although it is a city, Hanoi still remained in its rural landscape. Various old landmarks still stand in this old city and this is the reason why many tourists visit it oftentimes. Currently, it is considered as the main cultural center of Vietnam because of its well preserved cultural landmarks.

Because of Hanoi’s provincial landscape, it is good to visit first the lakes around the city. These lakes provide very relaxing scenery with the Vietnamese style old bridges. Among these lakes are the West Lake, Truc Bach Lake, and Hoan Kiem Lake. On the other hand, there are many tourist destinations as well in the heart of the city. The most popular is Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum where the remains of the independent Vietnam’s first president are kept. The Grand Opera house is also a great destination to visit where various stage plays are conducted. Moreover, the Temple of Literature is the oldest school university in Vietnam. Its structure is in old Vietnamese style of architecture with a luscious garden upon its entrance.

If you want to experience shopping in the old streets of Hanoi, then, the Old Quarter is the right place for you. It is home for various merchants and artisans, specializing mainly in silk shops. Authentic Vietnamese restaurants can also be found here. But if you want to purchase cheap items, it is recommendable to go for the night market which is open from the evenings of Friday up to Sunday. You can purchase a lot of souvenir items and textiles here as well as Vietnamese delicacies. So whenever you managed to tour around Hanoi, guide yourself with the abovementioned guidelines in order to get the best from this old city.

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