The Spaarne River
Photo by: Bogdan Migulski, Creative Commons

Want to visit a 900 year old town where you can learn about history and commerce all at the same time? If you find yourself traveling in north Holland, then you should take a day tour to Haarlem. Though it may not look as exciting as Amsterdam of Leiden to you, the notable thing about this small town is that it is the center of the bulb trade in the flower-growing region. People from all over the Netherlands come to this town to trade their flower bulbs domestically and internationally.

As it is considered to be the agora of the area, you will be able to have a great shopping experience as you can buy just about anything and everything in this small town. From teapots to high quality bicycles, to wooden shoes and traditional garb, Haarlem is definitely the place when you can get great shopping deals. Make your way to the main shopping street called Grote Houtstraat and lose track of time as you move from one store to another in search for the perfect souvenir to bring back home.

While in Haarlem, make it a point to visit the oldest museum in the Netherlands called the Teyler’s Museum. You’ll be able to find an extensive collection of fossils and artworks and even scientific instruments that will give you a much deeper understanding of the Dutch and their accomplishments.

Just nearby, you can also visit the picturesque old Dutch village of Spaarnedam, famed for that famous statue of the boy peter who saved the whole town from flooding by putting his finger in the hole on the dike. It’s makes for great day trip that the whole family will get to enjoy since there is a nice harbor that you can go to in order to see the sights and relax.

Last but not the least, no visit to Haarlem would ever be complete without visiting the Corrie ten Boom museum. It offers a fascinating look into how life was when Nazi Germany took over most of Europe in the Second World War.

What are you waiting for? Look up other attractions that you can experience for yourself in Haarlem and start planning for your holiday today.

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