Hall of Supreme Harmony

The largest hall in Beijing’s Forbidden City is the famous structure known as the Hall of Supreme Harmony. This building is also called the “Hall of Gold Throne.” The building is regarded as the most important structure in the nation and is a very popular tourist attraction. The beautiful wooden structure is the largest of its type in China. Located at the center of the well-known Forbidden City, it lies behind what is called the Gate of Supreme Harmony.

The Structure

The building stands at 35.5 meters in height and has a double-layered roof. This type of roof represents the highest construction rank, meaning it was only made for the emperor. The base of the building is built upon three thick levels of marble stone and has a floor area that covers about 2,377 square meters. During the time of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, no other building structure was permitted to be higher than this hall because it was a symbol of power.


In the past, this structure was used exclusively for the emperor. This was where special ceremonies were held like the enthroning of the emperor, royal weddings and ceremonies for the conferring of the empress. The emperor was also said to meet high-ranking officials in this hall where he would dispatch generals for war. Many civil as well as military officials would visit this place to congratulate the emperor during special occasions.


The hall was adorned with a great variety of decorations that were exclusively for the emperor. The throne of the emperor was placed on a high jade dais that was about two meters high. This was surrounded by gold pillars that were engraved with dragons. Above the throne, on the ceiling, was a intricate caisson that had a decoration of a large coiled dragon. The entire place had a dragon motif, as this was a symbol of supremacy and power.

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