The Shoreline in Hamilton, Bermuda

Photo by: kansasphoto , Creative Commons

Taking a long holiday with your friends and family but do not know where to go? Why don’t you try to go somewhere different this time and take them to Hamilton, Bermuda. Located along the north of Hamilton Harbour, this is the seaside capital of Bermuda. It is considered as the major port and area for international business of the island. Hamilton has been the “main” city of the island since 1815. It is the commercial and entertainment destination of Bermuda. Whenever there is a tourist arriving on the island, the locals are sure to recommend Hamilton as one of the must-stops to go to.

When visiting Hamilton, you will be surprised to know that this city has quite a number of parks. The most popular one being Victoria Park which was named after Queen Victoria; other parks in the city are All Buoy’s Park, Barr’s Park, Cedar Park and Par La Ville Park. After taking a nice tour around these parks, you may want to join the nightlife in the city. Hamilton is very popular for its hip and happening nightlife. If you are lucky enough to be visiting during the summer, you will be delighted to know that Front Street transforms into a different place altogether every Wednesday, during Harbor Night. There are performers, shopping, good food and great friends having fun all over the area that lasts until the wee hours of the morning. After having enjoyed the wonderful street party the night before, you may want to tour the city of Hamilton on a horse-drawn carriage. While most tourists would rather take in the sites on foot, there are still some who take the romantic carriage to tour the city’s lovely attractions.

Aside from the wonderful tourist sites of Hamilton, you may want to sample some of Hamilton’s delectable seafood offerings. The island boasts of some of the best restaurants along front Street that offer the juiciest steaks, some of the locale’s best fish and lobsters and other specialty restaurants. Hamilton is the place to be when you are visiting the island of Bermuda. Remember to stop by here and try out everything they have to offer.

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