Photo by: negredo, Creative Commons

The Gulf of Hammamet is home to the finest beach resorts in North Africa. The sandy, sparkling beaches in Hammamet seem like an endless stretch, making them ideal for tourists who are fond of swimming. The beach resorts point to the south, which allow visitors to gaze at the sea while sun bathing. Surprisingly, Hammamet’s beaches rarely get crowded even if thousands of visitors visit it every year.

An unforgettable vacation should include other things besides the beach such as sightseeing, water sports, exhibitions, and festivals—and these are just what Hammamet’s beaches offer.

Found between Tunis and Sousse, Hammamet is not just about beaches. As popular as the wide sandy beaches is the nightlife in Hammamet. A variety of discos and bars await travelers, allowing them to enjoy the night and still feel safe.

The must-see attractions in the town include the Hammams or Arab baths and the Medina with a huge mosque. Artisans working on pottery also welcome tourists in Hammamet, which is the center of pottery in the country. You can also find some streets lined with small shops that sell affordable souvenirs such as pottery, carpets, embroidery, and perfumes. Cafes, restaurants, and upscale boutiques fill the town’s modern shopping spot, so visitors have many choices whenever they want to kill time or eat some good food.

If you plan to take a trip to Hammamet, you have to know when the right time is for making hotel reservations, lest you’ll have no place to stay for the night. In winter, most hotels close, while in summer, most of them are fully booked. The best time to book a hotel is in early autumn and late spring. Although there is a wide selection of hotels in the area, it is recommended that you go for the middle range to be able to get the best hotel deals.

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