Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay
Photo by: ewen and donabel, Creative Commons

If you want to go on a vacation that is close to nature and can give you that much needed rest and relaxation, then Hawaii is definitely the perfect place to visit. In this state where people greet each other “hello” and “good bye” the same way by saying “aloha!” visitors are treated to a close encounter with nature and very enjoyable and exciting activities for the whole family. One spot that is a hit among nature-loving visitors is Hanauma Bay.

Hanauma Bay is a nature preserve that is visited by thousands of visitors each year because of the beautiful scenery that is has to offer. It became so popular that its resources have eventually been damaged due to the huge number of visitors that visit the preserve every year.

In order to restore the magnificence of Hanauma Bay, the authorities put a limit to how many visitors can go to the bay each year. The move also aims to protect the marine ecosystem of the preserve, which is among its many attractions. It has become the very first Marine Life Conservation District in all of the State of Hawaii.

Since it is limiting the inflow of foreign and local visitors, it is best to book your vacation to this wonderful Hawaiian visitor destination way ahead of your scheduled departure to secure a slot. You can either make it your very first stop in Hawaii or the finale. Just make sure that you book beforehand. Ask your travel agent to secure slots for you and your family in a tour of Hanauma Bay.

Once you are there, please do cooperate with the locals in the preservation of their natural treasure. Observe all the rules and regulations and keep the bay clean. Keep in mind that with your help in protecting the place, you are saving such a beautiful vacation spot for your children and grand children to see.

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