Doon Estates, Harare, Zimbabwe
Photo by: garybembridge , Creative Commons

Harare is the capital of Zimbabwe and the largest city in the country. There are many high rising buildings in the uptown area making it the center of Zimbabwe’s commerce. Though recent financial times have not been kind on Harare, the city is still busy exporting tobacco, cotton and maize.

The government has done a good job at preserving the cultural and historical heritage of Harare. Due to this, numerous galleries and museums are open for tourists. The most popular of these are:

• The National Gallery – contains the national treasures of Zimbabwe and displays some of the most interesting Shona carvings in soft-stone. It also has an international exhibition for tourists and foreigners.

• National Archives – contains some of the most valuable books and diaries of Rhodesia and Southern Africa. A collection of the works done by some of the most recognizable people in the field of African exploration is also housed in the National Archives.

• National Botanical Garden – is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Harare. The National Botanical Garden contains over 900 varieties of fauna from different parts of Africa. Since the botanical garden is located on a wide and open place, visitors can also view different species of animals like zebras, wildebeests, giraffes and a variety of bucks.

Traditionally, Harare is very famous for its numerous flea markets. Tourists can find many interesting and valuable items for sale at a very reasonable price. However, as of 2005 the government has abolished flea markets all over the capital. A year later, many markets have started again. If you want, you can take a look but be advised that these markets may be located in areas that are not recommended for visitors.

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