Harbour Island

A beautiful day on Harbour Island, Bahamas

Photo by: ebodie , Creative Commons

Harbour Island, Bahamas is known for its three and a half miles of picture-perfect beaches with pink sand. If you love the ocean and the warmth of a beautiful sunny day, you will surely find Harbour Island your paradise on earth. Its water is warm, relaxing, and provides every visitor with the perfect condition for swimming, diving, snorkeling, boating, and fishing.

Another enticing factor of the island is its people. They are friendly, hospitable, and are always more than willing to help you navigate their relatively small place. In exploring the island, it is an often choice of tourists to use golf carts simply because it is the most fun and relaxing.

Harbour Island is also the perfect spot for those who love food. Dining in this area is one of the best in all of the 700 islands of the Bahamas. There are just so many choices and their menus range from the finest cuisines to the most local delicacies. Some of the best places for fine dining are The Garden Terrace and The Rock House, while local fare is found at Ma Ruby’s. Wherever you decide to have a meal, you can enjoy it with the picturesque tropical view and the therapeutic touch of the sea breeze.

When in the island, you may choose to stay in resorts and hotels or in some of its vacation houses, cottages, and villas. No matter where you choose though, you will surely be just within minutes away from the beach. Lovely, don’t you think?

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