Downtown Harrison
Photo by: Photolitherland, Creative Commons

The picturesque city of Harrison is the seat of Boone County, Arkansas. The first inhabitants of this area are thought to be the Buff Dwellers, Indians who lived in caves near the rivers. As time passed different tribes occupied the area until the Cherokees arrived in the 1800s. The Cherokees were hostile towards the Osage tribe who at the time resided in Harrison, leading to a full blown Indian war in the Ozarks.

Harrison has been dubbed as the gateway to Buffalo National River due to its strategic location. The Buffalo River is ideal for water activities for both the adventurous travelers and the laidback ones. Go canoeing or kayaking at the lower part of the river where the stream is steady or go rafting in the upper areas of the river with its stronger currents and whitewater. The National River also has 13 beautiful campsites that encourage visitors to pitch their tents overnight.

Anglers will enjoy fishing for smallmouth bass at Crooked Creek, a blue ribbon fishery that flows through the city of Harrison. The willow and oak trees lining the banks of this creek, adds to the tranquility of the place. The ideal timeline for fishing is from late October to April. If you’re not a fan of fishing but still want to achieve that calming Zen feeling, visit Hemmed-in-Hollow Falls and relax while listening to the soothing sound of water falling.

As far as historic buildings go, Harrison has the Lyric Theatre. The theatre was originally a cinema in the 1920’s. But after closing down for a decade, it has been restored as a theatre and is now a site for community events and plays.

Photographers will want to head out to Harrison during September in order to capture the yearly Arkansas Hot Air Balloon Race on film.

Harrison is not simply a gateway to Buffalo River; it also serves as a gateway to an experience of a lifetime.

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