Monument of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Haskovo, Bulgaria
Photo by: klearchos, Creative Commons

One of the oldest cities in Bulgaria, Haskovo leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to its local tourism. It may not be as big as other cities in Bulgaria, but Haskovo deserves to be considered a premier tourist destination in the country.

Here are some of the best reasons for spending your next holiday trip in the city of Haskovo.
1. People in Haskovo are among the friendliest in the world. If you’re a stranger in a foreign land, friendly and helpful people can help you get to your intended destination and find the best places to visit in Haskovo.
2. The streets and pathways are usually clean. The cafes along the sidewalk add to the charm of the streets of Haskovo, making them ideal for a leisurely walks.
3. Haskovo has an efficient and reliable transportation system. The bus and train services in the city can quickly take you to places you want to visit without much hassle.
4. The climate is ideal for tourists. The summer months in Haskovo are dry and hot. It rarely rains in the city, as the wet months occur only in winter. The best time to travel to Haskovo is from June to August when there is plenty of sun and no rainfall.
5. Haskovo lets you enjoy Bulgarian cuisine at its finest. Spread throughout Haskovo are taverns that serve a variety of traditional Bulgarian dishes such as stewed and grilled meats and fresh veggies. In Haskovo, you can eat as much as your tummy pleases without feeling guilty about the carbs!

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