Hassi Messaoud

A portion of the Sahara Desert by Hassi Messaoud with camels “grazing?”
Photo by: wonker, Creative Commons

Hassi Messaoud, which means blessed well, is a city in Algeria that is indeed blessed tremendously as it is a watering hole and a major oilfield. Who would have known this town that has been around for many, many years would have such natural gifts when dry sandy deserts surround it. You need not look further for a tourist attraction or any other world wonder as Hassi Messaoud is located right in the Sahara Desert.

The town’s prominence has grown especially because of the discovery of oil in 1956, which propelled its success and economic status. And since it’s also a watering hole, traders and other people come to water their animals and quench their thirst.

There are many sights to see in Hassi Messaoud other than the well talked about oil refineries. The remains of the French fort near town may be in ruins but is still scenic and very historical. Hassi Messaoud’s downtown infrastructures such as the town hall, stores and other industries never stop displaying fine French-Arabian architecture building after building. You’ll be surprised to see that there are hardly any houses, as most people live in tall apartments. What would even surprise you more is the massive and eye-catching oil refinery that’s in the middle of the sandy dunes, near the Libya border. You’ll also enjoy a sight of the town’s mosques and their fine restaurants and cafeterias. Although the food is cheap, you’ll definitely be satisfied.

Hassi Messaoud’s history and people are something to go for. Its location and fine natural blessings set it apart form other Algerian cities.

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