Hatra Ruins

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Hatra Ruins
Photo by: Denniss, Creative Commons

Although Iraq has been the subject of countless conflicts throughout history, it still is home to many historical landmarks that deserve rediscovered by a new generation of visitors. And one of these landmarks is the famed Hatra Ruins. UNESCO has recognized Hatra as a world heritage site as it is also believed to be the ancient lost city of Tayyab. If you want to catch a glimpse of historical beauty, it may be well worth the 290-kilometer drive from Baghdad.

For security reasons, the Hatra Ruins barely see any visitors come its way. Safety is a concern when embarking on this adventure to discover the ancient ruins, a handful of military personnel frequent the area, to make sure that the ruins are safe from looters. The key to fully taking in what the ruins has to offer is to take a deep breath and just go for it. Visiting the Hatra Ruins is definitely an opportunity of a lifetime.

There are a number of temples that were dedicated to different ancient deities you will find on your visit. The remaining stone statues that adorn the ancient city will amaze you. There are a number of excavation digs that are still on the look out for any historical artifacts that can help future generations have a better understanding of Iraqi history and the civilization of the world as a whole. Take a trip down the road that once united western progress with eastern thought and let the past speak to you once you visit the Hatra ruins.

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