Hearst Museum of Anthropology

Crocodile Mummy at the Hearst Museum of Anthropology
Photo by: stefanbanev, Creative Commons

The Hearst Museum of Anthropology was formerly called the Lowie Museum of Anthropology. With Phoebe Apperson Hearst as its benefactor, the museum was founded in 1901 to support the efforts of archaeologists and ethnologist in the University of California in their systematic collecting efforts. Its original location is in San Francisco from the year 1903 to 1931 before it was moved the university campus in Berkeley. On campus, its original site is at what used to be the Civil Engineering building and was transferred to the Kroeber Hall in 1959.

The main function of the museum today is to be the University of California’s research unit. The collection, preservation and research on materials relevant to our history and culture all take place here where there are enough facilities and space. The museum currently houses about 3.8 million artifacts, each having a specific relevance to history and culture.
You will surely be amazed at the marvelous collection of Berkeley Hearst Museum of Anthropology, which includes artifacts from thousands of years ago. Just the thought of successfully preserving such historical pieces is enough to impress you about the ability of this place to take care of our civilization’s most prized mementos.

Year after year, students from different universities in different states flock to the Hearst Museum to witness its incredible collection. Other than students, tourists from other countries also visit the museum to marvel at the artifacts and learn more about our world history and culture.

It doesn’t really matter which country you came from. You will definitely find an exhibit in the Hearst Museum that has relevance to your people’s culture. That’s how extensive the collection of the museum is. So if you are planning to go to this part of California in one of your visits, make it a point to drop by the University of California.

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