Hell Train Station
Photo by: Le Grand Portage, Creative Commons

A place that sizzles with natural wonders and historical heritage – that is Hell, Norway. This is a place that you will truly be interested of, especially that its name will mean something for you. But more than the evil thoughts about it, there are many exciting destinations that await you there, and more activities that you can take pleasure from.

It is a small village that lies within the east borders of Norway. It has a population of nearly 500 people. It has become popular, again, because of its name, but that really came from the word “hellir,” which means a cave cliff.

This town boast its natural wonders to tourist, such as the mountain ranges, beaches, and lakes. On the urban side, Hell, has with it great collections of majestic architectures and modern edifices. There are also shopping malls, restaurants, and parks that one can visit when he is having a vacation here.

In addition to the tourists’ destinations, there are so many cool activities to do in this place, such as cruising, cycling, and dinning out. Others would prefer spending some time during night parties at local bars and disco hubs. One of the festivals that this town brags every year is the “Blues in Hell” that showcases musical blues and more dancing.

The dinning experience in Hell is exceptional. One can taste unique seafood cooking in this town that consists mainly of scallops, large squids, and shrimps. Pastry shops and coffee house are also very common in this place.

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