Kronborg Castle in Helsingor, Denmark
Photo by: caspermoller, Creative Commons

If you want to change holiday and summer vacation habits, why not visit Hamlet’s hometown: Helsingor Denmark, Denmark’s closest city to Sweden. Located on the island of Zealand, Helsingor is separated by a mere 4,000 meters from Helsingborg Sweden. The town is separated by an inner town, and a north-eastern and a north-western area where, on a peninsula, stands the Kronborg castle, one of the top Helsingor attractions. Helsingor’s economy is mostly run by shipyards, as well as engineering and textile industries.

Helsingor is home to the famous Humlebaek, Louisiania museum for modern art. It has a vast array of tourist attractions in every district. You can see medieval art in St. Mary Church, and Romanesque and gothic architecture in St. Olaf’s church. Dronningmolle Tegners museum holds fine and valuable paintings and art collections Gillelje is the place where you can find fabrics, textiles and lovely costume exhibits. In the north-western district you will also find interest in the Oresund museum and the Veteran railroad.

There are lots of activities and things to do other cycling around Helsingor’s half-timbered homes, cobblestone streets and magnificent castles. Take a swim in one of the golden beaches by Denmark’s north Riviera or feast on delectable Danish cuisine in the city’s top restaurants such as Casatua, Espania, and Pecatti de Gola. If that’s not enough for you then it sure is wise to pay a visit to the Technical museum of Denmark and the Marienlyst palace and park. Fill your camera with pictures of nothing but fine art, splendid infrastructures and other historical sights.

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