Sunrise at Ayeyarwardy
Photo by: yeowatzup, Creative Commons

Myanmar is the home to a lot of great tourist destinations. No wonder, more and more people are encouraged to experience their rich culture, magnificent landmarks, and pristine gifts of nature. Hence, you must not miss the unique treats of each city and town of this country. And Henzada is one of them.

Henzada refers to the old name of the city. In today’s time, the place is more known as Hinthada or Hintada. But the locals still refer to is in its old name. However, whatever the name is, the place never fails to entertain tourists until today. Being a bank of rice and grains, Henzada gives the tourists a view of the rural life. More often than not, right after crossing the famous Ayeyarwardy Bridge, one can already see the lifestyle of the people here.

More than this treat, you can also find the great China Town in this city. This place proves that the city is open to various cultures. In fact, there are several numbers of Chinese restaurants in the city.

Moreover, Henzada is the home to a small port that is not only visited by tourists. It is also an essential part of the agriculture trades in the city. Also, the base of the famous Myanmar’s Ayeyarwardy River can be found here in Henzada.

So, if you wish to have a treat of a rural getaway, Henzada or Hinthada can offer this to you. Therefore, when you visit Myanmar, always consider dropping by this city by the river.

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