Downtown Area of Heraklion, Greece
Photo by: Owner , Creative Commons

This major Greek city on the island of Crete has a rich history and cultural background that spans from the ancient Minoans to the Byzantine Empire to the Venetian Era to the Ottoman Empire before joining the united country of modern Greece in the 20th century. With this great legacy of historical periods, it’s to be expected that Heraklion, Greece is a place that needs to be explored for more than a weekend.

Museums – A time-efficient way of having an overview of this city’s rich history is by visiting its museums. Heraklion’s heritage covers such a large time period that separate museums are necessary to contain the many archaeological findings and artifacts. Some of the most notable ones include the Archaeological Museum, the History Museum, and the Battle of Crete Museum. A couple of hours exploring these museums should give first-time tourists a comprehensive impression of the rich history of Heraklion, Greece.

Historic buildings – As with the number of museums in the city, Heraklion also has quite a number of ancient and historic buildings within its borders. One of these is the world-renowned Palace of Knossos which is an enduring proof of the Minoan culture. On the other hand, the Church of Agios Titos is a fine example of Byzantine architecture which perfectly represents the city’s history under the Byzantine Era.

Modern buildings/attractions – Heraklion also has many modern facilities and establishments for those who want to take a break from all the ancient historical sites that permeate the city. The Cret Aquarium for example has thirty-two gigantic tanks that feature hundreds of Mediterranean marine species fringed with touch-screen information systems.

Beaches – A Greek holiday cannot be complete without enjoying the beach. Heraklion has plenty local beaches too such as Amoudara, Tsoutsourous, and Matala. These beaches offer affordable leases on water sports equipment, sun beds and umbrellas.

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