The boardwalk at Hikkaduwa
Photo by: 3Neus, Creative Commons

A traveler would not really consider Sri Lanka as a destination for the summer, but you will truly change your mind once you get to see the wonders this western coast has to offer. One such place is the coast line of Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka. It is located at around 98 kilometers south of the capital city, Colombo.

Aside from swimming, most people also visit this place for the diving sites it has. The corals offered in the coast of this region plays host to a variety of corals and fish species and have become a Coral Sanctuary. People may also rent diving and snorkeling gears from the nearby shops at reasonable prices.

The best times to visit the coasts for the diving experience are between January and February. For those that want to go there to just swim, between April to September would be ideal because the weather would be agreeable as well because it’s mostly between 25-30°C.

There is also a private Turtle Research institute just 2 kilometers north of Hikkaduwa. They help preserve and even raise endangered species of turtles and they allow tourists to view the progress of hatchlings. As part of its history, there is also a Tsunami Memorial in its train station, where the wreckage of an old train pays tribute to the countless victims of the Tsunami attacks. Sri Lanka is and has always been an ideal getaway for those that want to get away from city living.

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