Hilo Bay
Photo by: Kanoa Withington, Creative Commons

Hilo is located on Hawaii’s Big Island. Hilo has a uniquely diverse landscape, from beaches of white, gray, brown, and black sand to mountains and amazing waterfalls. If you are planning on a weekend trip before plunging into the Christmas rush, you might want to consider bringing the whole family to Hilo, Hawaii.

What makes Hilo interesting is that it is home to the most dramatic waterfalls, fertile and beautiful rainforests, and lovely blooming gardens. It is the complete opposite of the volcanic Kohala Coast.

There are really a lot of unique and interesting things to go in Hilo. Here are just a few of them:

  1. Bike Volcano – This is actually a biking trail. You will get the chance to experience Volcanoes National Park while riding in a bicycle. Tour guides are on hand to bike around the facility with you to give you bits and pieces about the sights.
  2. Akaka Falls State Park – This is another amazing sight in Hilo. A nice, short trail takes you to lovely waterfalls. The view is just breathtaking. There are actually two lovely waterfalls, if you take the long route you get to see both. There are lunch picnic tables available if you wish to spend some time communing with nature. Expect rains when you are in the facility, after all, it is a rainforest!
  3. Lava Ocean Adventures – This one can be considered one extreme adventure. The boat tour includes a good view of lava flowing into the ocean; not only that, you can get to experience being in front of the lava flow, with a mere 10 yards distance. A truly once-in-a-lifetime experience indeed!

There are actually still a lot more unique things that you can do when you visit Hilo. This beautiful place in the Big Island of Hawaii is truly an amazing destination!

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