Historic Centre of Avignon

Historic Centre of Avignon

One of the places that you should visit in France is the Historic Centre of Avignon situated on Rhône’s riverbanks. This place is declared as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site in the year 1995. A major art festival is usually launched here in July, identified as the Avignon Theater Festival. There are art exhibits that are depicted in the city’s Great Chapel during the festivities. There are also bohemian style song, dance, and drama performances on the streets.

Avignon is also known for its Gothic-inspired buildings, thanks to Palais des Papes, also known as the Papal Palace. It is the most visited area in Avignon Historic Center. This attraction is the lair of the Popes in the 1400s, but now, it is considered as the world’s largest Gothic structure with its 25 huge stone rooms. These large rooms include the chapel, the reception hall and the bedroom of the Popes. If you decide to wander alone in Palais de Papes, you can borrow a headphone as your audio guide from the entrance hall free of charge. The audio tours that are heard in these headphones come in eight different languages that include English, French, and Spanish.

You shouldn’t miss the ruined Saint Bénezet Bridge, located inside the Pont Saint Bénezet Museum. The bridge was constructed prior to the entrance of the Papacy in the Middle Ages.

There are three ways you can get to Avignon Historic Center. You can land in Avignon-Caumont Airport by plane, disembark in Quartier de Courtine station by train or enter Avignon in a car by driving through France’s national highways.

Pack your bags and visit one of France’s most renowned cities, the Avignon Historic Center.

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