The city of Hit
Photo by: nukeit1, Creative Commons

Hit, Iraq is a well-known city in the province of al-Anbar in Iraq and is northwest of Ramadi. The province of Anbar covers the Syrian Dessert. If you are going to Hit and would want to go to the Syrian Dessert, be prepared for the climate. Syrian dessert is actually a plain and at the same time is also a real dessert. The climate is of course like any dessert with a little rainfall here and there (around 115 mm). There is also an array of hot weather during the day, the night and in between. During summer season, the temperature will boost up to 42 degrees in Celsius. While come winter time, the weather will only be as low as 9 degrees in Celsius. Since this is a dessert, you might also experience strong winds from the northwestern and south-west which will travel at approximately 21 m per second.

They say that Hit was actually a tiny town that is walled back in the day. They say that Hit is actually situated in two mountains on the portion where the ancient city is. This is actually in the Euphrates River. The Euphrates River is actually one of the most popular and important rivers in the history of Southwest Asia. The Euphrates River is the longest river and makes up the Mesopotamia together with the Tigris River. According to history, there were bitumen wells where there is an abundant amount of sulfur that naturally comes out of it. These wells were also used in the construction of Babylon.

Hit is so full of historical stories and was once invaded by US. Hit was also the first city within its province to be returned to the Iraq control.

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