Hithadhoo Scrubland
Photo by: Rudolf Stricker, Creative Commons

Hithadhoo is the capital of the Maldivian Atoll Seenu as well as of the Dhekunu Province. Hithadhoo is in the westernmost part of the atoll. It is noted for the lush vegetation in the south and scrubland in the north. The town is characterized by its dusty roads, dense vegetation, and leaning houses. People here are often referred to as the Addu people (other name for Seenu).

If you want to experience a simple kind of living and become closer to nature, going to Hithadhoo, Maldives is a great idea. Although a group travel could be nice, this destination is notably good for independent travelers. One of the reasons is because communication is easier in this part of the archipelago.

Hitadhoo’s biggest influence had been the British bases which started in 1956 when the Royal Air Force base was established on the Seenu Atoll. There were around 600 soldiers stationed in the base permanently and employed a lot of people around the same area. This is the reason why people from this atoll speak good English and a lot of them landed on hotel jobs even in the capital Male when the British left. To this day, Maldivian resorts are manned by Addu people who speak good English.

Like other Maldivian islands, Hithadhoo also takes pride in its beautiful beaches. However, it is more known to its other distinguishing characteristics such as people who speak good English, garment factories, fish processing industry, asphalt roads, and good telecommunications facilities.

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