The City Lights of Hobart
Photo by: Danny_Byas, Creative Commons

It would be very difficult not to feel excited by the prospect of taking a vacation filled with a great number of natural discoveries to fire up your days. Hobart gives you that and more. Despite its relative “smallness,” Hobart is not replete of attractions and activities for most tourists young and old. The foothills of Mt. Wellington is where Australia’s second oldest city, Hobart, can be found. The green of the lush wilderness on the one side and the sun-kissed golden beaches on the other leaves any tourist with a host of options to make his vacation more exciting. It definitely is not a good idea to take a plunge in the middle of winter. While summer afternoons are balmy, winters are filled with falling snowflakes and foggy daybreaks.

Hiking up the trails of Hobart’s mountains would be a good way to take in the scenery. You can pass through Fern Tree to get to Mt. Wellington. It would be interesting to immerse yourself in the diverse and unique ecosystems of the mountain. If you do not wish to go farther than the capital, you can visit the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens where you can see an extensive plant collection. This botanical garden is considered to be the second oldest in Australia. Or, you can visit the nearby beaches at the Derwent Estuary like the Sandy Bay and Kingston, and at the Frederick Henry Bay like Seven Mile and Cremorne. Connecting the two shores of the city through the Tasman Bridge is a unique site for most tourists.

In the music scene, the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra has a schedule of concerts for the entire year. This orchestra, perhaps one of the finest small orchestras in the world, plays at the Federation Concert Hall located at the city’s waterfront. The acclaimed Australian International Symphony Orchestra Institute plays at a public concert held every year during the first few weeks of December. Another important must-see you should not miss is the Salamanca market which opens every Saturday morning. Not only can you find treats in this market, you can also find the best night time activities at Salamanca Place.

Along North Hobart’s Elizabet Street are popular bars and nightclubs. From time to time there are major national and international music events at the Derwent Entertainment Center. Vacationing at Hobart will give you the best of both worlds.

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