Hofbrauhaus in Munich

Hofbräuhaus am Platzl in Munich, Germany
Photo from: Wikipedia, Creative Commons

Hofbrauhaus Hall is located in Munich, Germany. It is a brewery (beer making building) that is operated by the state administration. Hofbrauhaus is owned by the brewery, but the brewery only handles Hofbrauhaus it doesn’t operate it. The Hofbrauhaus is the second most distributed beer at Oktoberfest, which is the world’s largest “beerfest”exhibition and is held in Munich.

Hofbrauhaus has been around since the19th century. Hofbrauhaus Hall was used as a stage by the Nazi Party to announce its policies. On February 24, 1920,  Adolf Hitler declared national Socialist Party’s twenty five ideas in Hofbrauhaus Hall. Adolf Hitler also painted the Hofbrauhaus Hall, when he was a child, and that painting was exhibited to public in 2006.

Hofbrauhaus Hall consists of a beer garden, ballroom and a restaurant. The restaurants serve the Bavarian dishes which include Knuckle of pork and roast pork.  Wine and wheat beer are also served.

The Hofbrauhaus beer has other branches in Melbourne, Australia and also in several places in U.S. including Las Vegas, Newport, and Miami Beach. There is also a place in Pittsburgh which is expected to open in 2009.

Dubai’s JVV Marriott hotel has taken a license from the Hofbrauhaus and have opened a Bar and Restaurant of the Hofbrauhaus beer in their hotel.

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