Höfn neighborhood
Photo by: Diego Cupolo, Creative Commons

Höfn is a fishing town in southeast Iceland. Most people get to this town simply because it is part of the ring road of Iceland, or as a starting point for tours on the Vatnajokull ice cap. The climate is warmer, since it is located in the southern portion of the country. In summer, you can even see the heat haze on the road.

If you visit Höfn, Iceland in summer, specifically the first week of July, you’re in luck. That is the time when the Lobster Festival is held – which is basically a drink-and-have-fun event. Considering that Iceland has had a 40-year alcohol prohibition policy, the people must be making up for lost time.

The area where Höfn is situated is surrounded by a huge lagoon, with sand banks all over and a number of small islands dotting the water here and there. There is a small marshy area which is home to some birds such as various ducks, fulmars some and kittiwakes.

There are also restaurants that serve good food. You will notice that the majority of items in the menu are fish, which is the town’s main produce. From deep-fried, to pan-fried, the food is terrific. There is a Folk Museum and a Maritime Museum in the vicinity. There is also a glacier exhibition which focuses on the exploration aspect.

Near Höfn, Iceland is Skaftafell, where you can join in a glacier walk activity. For many people, the closest they could get to this experience is a walk in a frozen pond. If you visit Iceland, you can walk above a glacier and savor the feeling that you are standing on a very powerful form of nature; one that is capable of changing the landscape of an entire country.

Höfn is home to some 2000 Icelanders. The town has a swimming pool, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants. If you want nature in the raw without feeling very isolated, (and deprived of comfort) Höfn, Iceland is the place to go.

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