Holgate Glaciers

Holgate Glaciers

Holgate Glacier flowing into Aialik Bay
Photo by: Mark F. Levisay, Creative Commons

Any visit to Alaska should include going out on a glacier cruise, especially to the Holgate Glacier. Such cruise involves landing to a beautifully located lodge especially designed for cruise guests. The glacial formations and sightings in the area are simply breath-taking. Just like what travelers usually speak of the area, first-time and frequent visitors never leave the area without being impressed by the display of glaciers.

Although the location and condition of the area makes it impossible to just drop by the area and lurk around, this does not cause adventure-seekers to just give up on exploring the wonders of the Holgate Glacier. Such issue has been addressed by expert kayakers who assist guests for year-round cruise in the Seward. Most trips to this glacier come in a package of sea kayak gear rentals, and limited-time instructions offered especially for first-timers. By simply booking into such package, you can enjoy kayak tours to the most famous glacier regions in the area.

However, if you want to enjoy your trip to the Holgate Glacier, you must keep in mind some safety reminders:

– Avoid landing on the beach when winds are blowing strongly because it can be challenging to step on especially for first time visitors.

-It is advised that local guides or package tours assisted by experts be availed instead of embarking on a personal itinerary.

-When kayaking around the area, make sure that you keep a safe distance from the glacial formations.

-Bring your own medications and supplies as item availability can be limited in the area. Also, keeping a stock of potable water is recommended as there are days when the surrounding area cannot produce water suitable for drinking.

-Keep insect repellant sprays and lotions at hand as several areas in the Seward are known for being habitats of insects.

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