Holguin, Cuba
Photo by: ajawin, Creative Commons

Holguin is a Cuban municipal and city founded by a Spanish military officer named Captain Garcia de Holguin. The capital of Holguin is also called Holguin. The city was first called San Isidoro de Holguin, named after its founder during the year 1545. Several city parks occupy the city of Holguin; Calixto Garcia, Parque San Jose, Parque San Isidro, Parque Marti just to name a few of them. Since the year 2004, Holguin has had a population of about 324,000. The total land area of Holguin is 666 square meters.

One of the most popular landmarks in the city is a large crucifix known as the Loma de la Cruz. This crucifix is installed on top of a hill. A bird’s eye view of the entire city can viewed at the top of the 450-stair high crucifix. Another popular landmark is the San Jose church.
Tourists can reach Holguin through the Frank Pais Airport. This airport operates both local and international flights. Some very well-known Cuban personalities reside in Holguin, such as Faustino Oramas, Jesse Cruz, Pily Nieblas, and others.

The city of Holguin is quite self-sufficient. Holguin has a library called Bayado, club called Casa dela Trova, and cinema called Theater Eddy Sunol. The gallery Centro Provincial de Arte is located in this city. The city also has a historical museum as well as a science museum. It even has its own baseball stadium.

Cervecera Bucanero is based in Holguin. The beers Bucanero, Cristal, and Mayabe are brewed in this area.

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