Hong Kong

Officially known as the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the territory of Hong Kong is a part of China. It was a trading port under the British, till it was transferred to China in the year 1997. Hong Kong is known for its natural beauty and vast skyline. It is also a leading centre of finance in Asia.

The city has a unique cosmopolitan touch to it, with its eastern traditions and Western outlook. Such a continental blend is palpable all throughout Hong Kong, especially in its food. Tourists from across the world are attracted to the Hong Kong skyline, arguably the best in the world. You can get a beautiful view of this from Kowloon. You can also go up to the Victoria Peak to get an aerial view of the Hong Kong Island. The city has various guided tours that once can take in order to go sightseeing.

Hong Kong Skyline
Photo by: wikipedia, Creative Commons

Hong Kong is famous for its racing season. On from September to June, this season sees a huge influx of tourists into the city. But if you are interested in Chinese religion and heritage, then visit the Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas. With over 12,000 Buddhas, this temple is a must-see. You can climb one of the pagodas at the temple, and capture it in your camera for posterity. The city also has a number of museums to hold your interest. Some of the noteworthy museums are the Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Science Museum, and even a city’s version of the Madame Tussauds’.

Not many are aware, but the countryside of Hong Kong is also worth visiting. Off the coast of Tung Chung on the Lantau Island, you can take a boat trip to see the Chinese white dolphins. They are a threatened species with present population of 100-200. For a great view of the coast, visit the Sai Kung Peninsula. People who love the outdoors can try climbing the Sharp Peak, a steep slope more than 400 meters in height. Or they can go hiking on one of the four major hiking trails of Hong Kong. You can also visit the beaches in the city, and have a relaxing holiday. Sailing enthusiasts can hire a junk boat and go sailing.

The Hong Kong Disneyland is a huge attraction on the island. Situated on the Lantau Island, it is based on the lines of Disneyland in the US.

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