Hope Town

Many boats enjoying the beautiful day at Hope Town Harbor, Bahamas.

Photo by: susiewrites, Creative Commons

You may have heard of Hope Town, Bahamas, as it lies only 175 miles away from the east of West Palm Beach, Florida. Great Abaco and Little Abaco– the two main Bahamian islands– are on the eastern border composed of a string of small cays which stretch for more than 130 miles. Hope Town is a small village on Elbow Cay.

It may pique your interest to know that the main mode of transportation allowed here are golf carts. In fact, in the main part of the town, only walking and cycling are permitted. Even the petite golf carts are banned. A barge brings most supplies that the area needs weekly. Interesting, don’t you think?

When you are in Hope Town or other parts of Elbow Cay, your main place to stay are houses that are for rent, although some hotels and inns may be available and they provide you with good amenities.

When it comes to attractions, one of the spots you shouldn’t miss is the Hope Town Lighthouse. It is one of the last operating lighthouses in the world which is kerosene-powered. It was constructed in 1862 but did not function until two years later. It has distinct white and red stripes and produces light which can be seen from 23 nautical miles away. This light must have given many sailors hope during past times.

Hope Town, Bahamas may be remote but it is a safe and family-oriented place. It is also very accessible. Aside from the beaches and the lighthouse, the flora and fauna of the area are great as well.

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