Hot Springs

Aerial view of Hot Springs, Arkansas
Photo by: Fetchcomms, Creative Commons

As you may have guessed, Hot Springs gets its name from its abundant thermal springs whose waters reach a temperature of 147 degrees Fahrenheit. A trip to Hot Springs is overwhelming to say the least. The city lies in a valley in the Ouachita Mountains and is surrounded by natural wonders and breathtaking sceneries that can be viewed from your hotel window.

Hot Springs is surrounded by four lakes. These are Lake Hamilton, Lake Ouacita, DeGray Lake and Lake Catherine. Here you can spend an afternoon doing your favorite water activities – rent a houseboat and explore the waterways, go waterskiing, and swimming. You can even work on your tan. Lake Hamilton also offers duck tours. Yes it’s a sightseeing tour and no, you won’t be keeping an eye out for ducks. The “ducks” are actually World War II boats used for tours around St. John Island.

Like most cities in Arkansas, Hot Springs is a haven for outdoor activities with its network of hiking trails that range from easy terrain to the more rough and rugged for experienced hikers. The Fun Trackers Family Park, overlooking Lake Hamilton, ensures a fun filled family day. Take their go carts for a ride or play miniature golf at their 18-hole mini golf course.

For those who admire the rich and the famous, you can get up close and personal with your favorite celebrity, or at least their wax counterparts, at the Josephine Tussaud wax museum. Hot Springs also has its very own walk of fame found beside the Hot Springs Visitor Center. The inductees include Johnny Cash, Bill Clinton (who grew up in Hot Springs), Maya Angelou, and 37 other famous people who have made noteworthy contributions to their individual fields.

After a tiring day of touring, rejuvenate and take a dip at one of the many thermal springs to relax your body and ease your mind. Visit the Bathhouse Row which features lovely bathhouses in different architectural styles. The Fordyce Bathhouse is the most appealing in terms of design and architecture while the Ozark is the most magnificent. The Buckstaff Bathhouse is the only one of the original eight bath houses that is fully functioning.

So if you ever need a retreat, visit Hot Springs in Arkansas . If this place could get him to relax, imagine what it can do for you.

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