Hotel Del Coronado

Hotel Del Coronado
Photo by: jlantzy, Creative Commons

San Diego’s Hotel Del Coronado was one of the first grand resort hotels built in California and in the United States. It was fondly called The Del, and has earned a reputation for being the hotel resort for the opulent and the old Hollywood. This beachfront luxurious hotel opened as early as the 1800s and was considered to be the largest resort hotel in the world. In the 1970’s it was designated as a National Artistic Landmark in California.

In the old days, building landmark hotels are a sure way to attract real estate investors and visitors. San Diego enjoyed the real estate boom especially after The Del is built. Because of the sprawling exteriors and the clean and amazing beachfront, The Del naturally became an instant favorite of the elite. In the 1920’s during the Golden Days of Hollywood, this was the chosen party place of Hollywood Stars. Despite more being more than one hundred years old, the estate still remains to be a favorite destination for the upper crust.

Perhaps what made the Del a favorite destination for visitors is because of its distinct architecture which marks the American architectural genre of a beautiful and decadent Victorian architecture. The entire building is made of wood, with panels and courtrooms which are gleaming with dark wood. The hotel is also the very first to have electricity making it the home for the powerful and the wealthy. In fact, scientist Thomas Alva Edison even oversaw the installment of electricity although out the hotel

The Del has been featured in so many works of art, literature and film. In fact, legend says that the Wonderful Wizard of Oz author L. Frank Baum was written in Hotel Del Coronado and that the design of Emerald City was based on the Del. Indeed, if you want to get transported back in time of opulence, you should visit The Del and experience history the minute you step inside. Despite its history, Hotel Del Coronado embraces the future with such relish as new improvements has been installed in the Del, restoring its reputation as the most luxurious hotel in California. You can find Hotel Del Coronado across San Diego Bay.

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