City of Hsinchu, Taiwan
Photo by: xmatt, Creative Commons

With a history that’s over 400 years old, Hsinchu, Taiwan is known as the oldest city that is situated in northern Taiwan. With great abundance of hotels and a pleasant cozy ambiance, this place offers the best place to explore the captivating mountain areas of Hsinchu County. Hsinchu is also often referred to as the Windy City of Taiwan. This is because of the constant gusts of wind that blows in and out of the city coming from Taiwan Strait. The wind not only keeps the city free from pollution, it also helps provide the city a nice cold breeze especially during the winter.

Of course, Hsinchu, Taiwan also offers many unique destinations. Popular places to visit here are parks and historical sites. Here are some places to visit in Hsinchu County.

• Eighteen Peaks Mountain
Eighteen peaks mountain is a mountain the circles the southern and eastern suburbs of Hsinchu. A perfect hiking activity to get tourists and visitors busy all day, this mountain peak also offers incredible panoramic views of Hsinchu city. To get here, it will take a drive from Guang Fu Road to Baoshan Road, this will lead to the mountains.

• Hsinchu Botanical Garden
Located near the Baoshan Road, this botanical garden also offers perfect hiking trails. This place also provides an opportunity to see 300 varieties of indigenous plants that can only be seen in Taiwan.

• City God Temple
Built in 1748, the City God Temple is a Taoist temple where hundreds of frescoes can be seen. It is in Zhongshan Road and Dongmen Street. This historical site is considered as the city’s landmark because of its distinctive arched entrance structure.

• Hsinchu Railway Station
Built in 1931 sharing a style similar to classic Baroques that was very popular during the 20th century, the Hsinchu Railway station provides one of the best backdrops for photograph souvenirs of the city.

Other popular places that can be found within the Hsinchu, Taiwan are:

The Craft Glass Museum in Dongda Road located just behind the railway station.
The Municipal Image Museum, situated in Zhongzheng Road.
The East Gate, Hsinchu Zoo, and Space warehouse.

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