Hue Imperial Palace
Photo by: preetamrai, Creative Commons

Among other Vietnamese cities, Huế has remained stable in terms of its cultural amenities. It is home to numerous temples, tombs, pagodas and palaces. In the ancient times, it is an imperial capital; that’s why there are lots of historical landmarks in the city. For this reason, tourists continually visit Hue in order to tour around its rich cultural past and the luscious nature beauty it possessed until now.

If you want to visit Hue’s imperial past, then, it would be recommendable to visit the Royal Mausoleums, the walled Citadel and the Forbidden City Remains. These places will bring you back in the ancient history of Hue. In the Royal Mausoleums, you can find the tombs of Minh Mang and Khai Dinh. The structures on these tombs still stand until today. On the other hand, the French style architectures along the southern bank of Perfume River are also great to see. These buildings are built at the time of French colonization in Vietnam and it is part of the mixed culture of Hue locals.

There are many pagodas worth visiting, like the Thein Mu and Từ Hiếu pagodas. Commonly, rich green sceneries can be observed around the temples and pagodas which provide a relaxing effect to any mood. Lastly, the Hue Museum of Fine Arts is one great place to visit for seeing Vietnamese artifacts. This is where important artifacts from the previous dynasties are kept for tourists’ appreciation.

Vegetarian foods are the common cuisines served in the city’s restaurants. You can ultimately enjoy the food served in these restaurants as they are carefully presented with small but well-refined cuisines. On the other hand, Hue is also home to shopping districts. Oftentimes, tourists look for silk artworks, textiles and wood carvings; after all, shopping is never out in any tour!

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