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Photo by: tiarescott, Creative Commons

The islands of Polynesia are already known to the world for their majestic seascapes and scenic landscapes. With this great popularity, tourists of all sorts flock here year after year. However, there is still one island that seems to be a secret Garden of Eden here in the South Pacific. This is Huahine, only thirty minutes away from the main island of Tahiti.

Indeed, with the crystal clear lagoon waters, white sand beaches, untamed landscapes, lush forests, and quaint villages, Huahine is a place to spend a once in a lifetime escapade. With a little sign of modernity and a bunch of hospitable villagers, there can be nothing better than a trip to this magnificent island.

With its freshness, Huahine also offers the same great attractions and activities as that of the more modern islands of the South Pacific. You can experience snorkeling, boating, and even jet skiing in the clear waters of the lagoon. You can also take part in witnessing the healthy underwater life through diving or being onboard a glass-bottomed boat. There are friendly waves here that are ideal for surfers, too.

There are also great island adventures here in Huahine to keep your schedule busy. You can try horseback riding, camping, hiking, flight seeing, and a lot more. In terms of water adventures, you can go sport fishing, shark feeding, and riding sailboats, powerboats, and outrigger canoes.

Aside from these normal island activities, there are more things that this fertile land can offer you. For instance, you can enjoy an archeological tour in some of the hills and shores of the islands. You can also visit certain villages and vanilla farms in a circular trip of the island either by car or bicycle.

Since there are a good number of historical sites here in Huahine, a visit to this place is incomplete without getting a view of its history. There is an open-air museum in the island that houses 200 fully restored archeological stone structures. There is a huge concentration of pre-European ancient temples or marae here as well. Local guides can lead you to a very informative tour of Huahine’s historical sites.

Indeed, if you are seeking for a serene and new place to spend a vacation, there can be no better place than Huahine. With its pristine waters and untouched beauty, every second you are here in this island will be a worthy and memorable one for you.

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