Huatajata Island

The Huatajata Island in Bolivia is a scenic town located on the southeastern shores of Lake Titicaca. Consequently, Lake Titicaca is considered the highest navigable fresh water lake across the globe.

The climate in Huatajata is pleasant and cool because it has a high altitude of 3,954ft above sea level. The nights in the island are generally chilly. It rains the whole year round. The population in the island is approximately 3,700. Most of the inhabitants are Amerindians descents. The prominent tribes include Aymaras, Gurani, Quechuas, and Chiquitano.

The Huatajata Island is a good place for exploration near the Lake Titacaca. More often than not, tourists and visitors watch the abundance of waterbirds in the area. The island is less than 2 hours away from La Paz, Bolivia, which makes it good to go exploring on.

You can reach the island either by public transportation or package tour; however, if you can bring your own vehicle, it is much better. This is because you can stop at different focal places. Depending on the water levels of the lake, you can stop at bird conservations and other interesting places. Most tourists prepare their plan as follows: Take the paved road to Lake Titicaca as you leave El Alto. You can also take the road to Copacabana to explore great views of the town.

Due to diversity, the culture of Huatajata Island is already a major attraction for tourists. The Amerindian descents have preserved their culture, living and working in the island in the same way they did more than a hundred years ago.

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