Lake at the foot of Vihorlat Mountains
Photo by: absolutmachal, Creative Commons

In the Prešov Region at the eastern part of Slovakia, you will find its second largest town, which is the Humenne. The town can be found along the volcanic Vihorlat mountains and at the spot where the Cirocha Rivers and Laborec meet. Being the center of one of the districts at the easternmost part of Slovakia, Humenne is proud of its rich life in terms of culture and sporting events. This is actually the starting point for most tourists in the area because there are really lots to see at this prestige city. You can fill your camera with good architecture, beautiful sceneries while learning a lot from the place’s past.

In 2001, the census reported that this town had 35,157 inhabitants. There are however about 42,000 more people that live at its surrounding villages. Aside from exploring the countryside of the East Carpathians, you should allot more time with other sights that that place is known for.

Make sure that you visit the Vihorlat Mountains where you can view the Morské oko lake and Poloniny. These are all part of the National Park Poloniny. Humenne is surrounded with romantic ruins of different medieval castles. There are also open air museum at the town’s park, which can help educate guests and give them some place to relax while on tour.

Among the castles and mansions that you must go and see include the Brekov Castle, which can be found 7 km to the southwest, the Jasenov Castle that is located 3 km to the south, Cicava Castle and the Classicistic mansion which was built in 1773, the Kamenica nad Cirochou.

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