Hunstville Botanical Garden

Walk through the Botanical Gardens
Photo by: Scott, Creative Commons

The Huntsville Botanical Gardens is home to a number of plant species around the world, from common garden flowers and plants to rare breeds. Different kinds of gardens provide different kinds of environment that help those who visit witness and absorb the beauty each garden presents them.

One garden in particular is the so called ‘Garden of Hope’ which seems to help people express different kinds of feelings like as its name suggests, hope, other feelings like fears and many more. This garden may also give a person that is going through a difficult time, some form of recovery to help him or her go through it.

Another garden is the ‘Children’s Garden’ is actually a set of gardens where children can peacefully play around and have fun. One of the gardens here is designed after the prehistoric world of dinosaurs where giant rib cages, fossils and other prehistoric items can be seen. Another garden is designed after a Space Station for that space age feeling.

A garden filled with rainbows, bubbles and other beautiful things within a child’s mind is also part of the ‘Children’s Garden’, this garden being filled with rainbows and such, are called by some as the rainbow garden. These are just some of the many gardens that make the ‘Children’s Garden’ and together with the ‘Garden of Hope’ these are just two of the many gardens within the Huntsville Botanical Gardens that can be visited.

The Huntsville Botanical Gardens is a great place for a peaceful trip outdoor and a great place for children as well to enjoy the world outside their home. With the garden’s huge variety of garden sets a trip to this place is really one of the memorable ones.

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