Hvar is the part of the country famous for its close-to-nature feel and lovely ambiance that is very relaxing. Blessed with beautiful beaches and abundant vineyards found at the foot of the mountains and hills that radiate with fresh flowers, Hvar is the ultimate destination for those seeking tranquility and peace. It is a paradise island of endless possibilities.

The busy months in Hvar are from May to September when tourists flock to this Adriatic town to unwind and explore. Italians love visiting this town as well as young people because of its cheap cost of living. There are many tourist establishments in the area preserving the island’s natural ambiance.

But since it has become quite popular among foreign visitors, the need for more hotels has arose and investors started building five star hotels in the area. This is seen as another added treat to the visitors as they will now have more access to luxurious accommodation while enjoying their stay in the island.

Getting around Hvar is made easier with the car rentals that are readily available. You may explore the whole town riding your rented car and discover the many treasures that this beautiful part of Croatia has to offer.

Aside from the nice view and experience at the pristine beaches, there are also places of historical value around Hvar, which you may tour. Among these is the Town Square that is one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, and biggest squares in the country. Measuring about 4,500 square meters, this Town Square has been the center of Hvar since the 13th century.

Beautiful architecture is also among the many reasons why tourists are lured to spend their vacation here in Hvar. An example of its brilliant architecture is the Cathedral of St. Stephen, which stands at one end of the Town Square. It was built between the 16th and 17th centuries and has an elaborately decorated bell tower that is four-stories high.
For the more adventurous type of tourists, there are hiking trails in the nearby archipelago of Pakleni, which you may reach by riding in a water taxi. The southern cliffs of Hvar may also be hiked to get a breathtaking view of the blue sea below.

Hvar is definitely a perfect mix of art, nature and history wrapped in the town’s rich culture. It is a wonderful place to discover while you relax away from the noise of the city.

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