Hveragerði lets out some steam
Photo by: borkur.net, Creative Commons

Iceland is the land of fire and ice. Iceland’s snow-capped mountains give a breathtaking view and provide recreational activities such as skiing and ice-climbing, all-year round. Volcanic activity caused havoc in the country in the course of history -the geysers in the golden circle are proof of this country’s remarkable geothermal activities

Hveragerði harnessed this geothermal energy to provide power to the whole town. Hveragerði also known as the warm-and-green town, is famous for being a Greenhouse town. Farmers employed artificial lighting using the energy from geothermal sources, making it possible for plants to thrive, even in winter. People from the capital visit this town to buy flowers, tomatoes and cucumbers, etc.

It is amazing how the people of Hveragerði go by their daily routine, seemingly not minding the loads of steam underneath and the occasional tremor. There is an excellent hotel with a golf course as well as a fitness centre.

There are a lot of activities you can engage in. There is horseback riding. You can also go fishing. There are good char and trout fishing spots in the rivers nearby. Some miles away is the Floi Nature Reserve where you can look at (and listen to) various birds, the most common of which are swans.

One thing you should not exclude in your itinerary is a visit to the Gufudalur geothermal area, a few kilometers away from the town. If you are lucky (or patient) enough, you can see a geyser go off not very far from the road – the seething water, the eruption and the after-bursts in full view.

Hveragerði is one place you should visit, to see with your own eyes the country’s fully geothermal-powered town, and all that it has to offer.

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